About Me
       To produce world class photography, image reproductions and art framing.

       The world class vision in all segments of the business will be achieved by:

               Embracing new technologies
               Continuing education
               Improving existing productions

                                                .... all consistent with complete customer satisfaction.
I was a Radiation Therapist by profession and worked in this field for over 38 years in a number of countries. I finally retired at the end of 2004. I am a family person, married to Chris who is a school teacher and we have two daughters, both of whom are now married. We have two beautiful grandchildren - Arna and Shea. We love the outdoors - mountaineering, tramping, walking, 4WDing - anything that will get us outdoors and out of the city. The camera bag and tripod are almost always with me. I love photography and have had a passion for this since my early teens. The passion continues unabated with the move to digital imaging a few years ago providing me with a whole new set of challenges which I have embraced enthusiastically.

Exhibitions and Dreams
Over the past 20 years I have mounted 16 exhibitions, mostly overseas, but including 6 in New Zealand. Fortunately most have been successful and my photographs are adorning homes and work places all over the world.

Being an active 'do it yourself' person and a perfectionist, I have in recent years wanted to delve into picture framing. Six years ago I realised this dream and set up my own home based custom picture framing business. I studied for and sat my exams to become a qualified picture framer.

My dream is to have my own art and framing gallery, not only for my own photographs, but also for emerging artists to display and sell their work without having to incur the heavy commissions demanded in most galleries.
Travels Past and Future
My career as a Radiation Therapist and as a member of a number of expeditions has allowed me to explore, live in, and travel widely in many countries  - NZ, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Uganda, Arctic, Middle East and Nepal (further details may be seen later on my blog). I am now involved on a regular basis as a co-leader, photographer, and 4WD driver with Mark Evans who founded "Connecting Cultures". Check his website at www.connectingcultures.co.uk

During March 2007 I completed a 12 day solo trek across the mountains of the South Island, NZ from the west coast to the east coast. Further treks on foot and mountain bike are being planned.

Biennially I run a two week photographic tour to Oman (see
Adventure Travel page).

Upon entering retirement, I decided to combine my love of photography and adventure travel and keen interest in quality custom picture framing into the business name - REFOCUSED.  Refocusing after a long career, focusing with photography (mine and others), refocusing by framing the photographs and other artworks (mine and others), and focusing on all the lifelong dreams of travel and sharing this with other enthusiastic photographers. Hence the name!

Certification and Awards
I am a member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ), Christchurch Photographic Society (CPS), Nature Photography Society of New Zealand (NPSNZ) and Photography with Pixels, New Zealand (PPNZ). In February 2000 I successfully obtained my Associateship of the PSNZ. In March 2011 I also successfully obtained my Fellowship of the NPSNZ. I have been awarded many Honours and Acceptances in photographic competitions. Several of my images have been selected to contribute to a new fresque in the Willy Brandt building at the European Parliament in Brussels. One recent image was a finalist in the 2008 British CiB (Communicators in Business) Awards for communications in industry. The image received an award of excellence.

I have co-authored a book "Fifty Five Days", an account of the Around Oman Challenge, a solo kayaking expedition, paddling the entire coastline of Oman. I was the land-based support crew and photographed the whole adventure.

In 2009 I co-authored another book "Desert Voices", a story of a 28 day journey through the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) along the border of Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Also in 2009, I self-published my own book "Refocused - a Personal Portfolio", a therapeutic exercise recovering after treatment for cancer, an issue now firmly behind me.

Custom Picture Framing
My experience in this field encompasses approximately 9 years. Prior to this I attended a multitude of weekend/night courses. I have been tutored 'on the job' by an excellent qualified custom framer. I have purchased my own custom picture framing business and set this up as a home based business. In September 2008, I successfully studied for and took the London City Guilds picture framing exam and am now a Guild Certified Framer.
Statement of Care
Be it photographic images, custom picture framing, or adventure travel, I will do my utmost to look after you, your artwork, and any requirement you may have. I am a perfectionist in all that I do. If for any reason you are not happy, I will discuss it with you and ensure you are satisfied. In my business course, I set my strategic profile, including the following core values
First Aid certificate - updated annually.
4WD courses and extensive practical experience.
Small Business Course Certificate

John C Smith